What do you do as a Freelancer?

Becoming a freelancer is the simplest way to becoming self-employed, working independently from the comfort of your home. Becoming a freelancer doesn’t require you to register a business or have a license, as long as all your operations will be under your name, you are ready to go. Multiple websites provide a marketplace for freelancers to bid or sell projects.
Currently, more companies are opening up to the idea of hiring freelancers to work for them. It is very beneficial to them since they don’t need to have a permanent commitment as they do with other employees. Freelancers continue accruing more experience in their fields of specialization and thus demand high rates for their services.

Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a person who provides services and performs tasks for multiple employers at a fee over the course of the year. A freelancer can be compared to a free agent in professional sports. They sell their services to the highest bidder, but they are different from free agents because their services are not limited to one employee; they can work for several employees without any expectation of a long-term or permanent relationship.


what is a freelancer

What kind of work do freelancers do?

Freelancer can do any work as wrong as it falls in their area of specialization. The list of tasks performed by freelancers is endless, but there are those that are popular among many online entrepreneurs.

They include;
• Writing
• Graphic designing
Web design and development
• Virtual assistance
• Bookkeeping and many others.

Everything you have expertise in can be done on freelance basis using your name provided you have top-notch skills that will amaze your employer. Even those professions that require a license can be done by freelancers.

Essential items that freelancers need to have

As a freelancer, you need to have excellent knowledge and skills in your field. You need to have something valuable to offer your potential clients. You need to focus your efforts on areas that you are talented in. Let us look at some important things that you need to have to be a successful freelancer:
• First of all, you need to have a profile that displays you name, contact information, strengths and area of specialization. A website can also be very useful.
• A portfolio of your best projects is imperative
• You can also have a business card
• A few references are also relevant, but this is not a must since you will build those as you progress.

How do freelancers get their work?

Where you get your job depends on the type of tasks you perform. However, there are several websites where freelancers compete for jobs. Some offer free or paid membership while others charge a renewable fee for you to bid for jobs. Some freelancers come together and form unions to start providing services to clients who hire them.

Many individuals have a dream of becoming successful freelancers with the independence to travel or do whatever they like. Freelancing requires minimum start-up capital; it is hassle free, and it allows individuals to be autonomous. The world is becoming service oriented, and the services are not readily enough. You can take advantage of this situation by getting relevant skills in your area of your specialization and start selling your services. Initially, it won’t be a walk in the scenic park, but eventually, you will reap handsomely from your work.

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