I Love Freelance Work Even if I Have a Full-time

From our very own, MissBook:

Why do I enjoy working as a freelancer? Doing freelance jobs while keeping my full-time job has become a gratifying habit. Thanks to the Internet and growing market for virtual employees. I am able to search and apply for online jobs, enrich myself with up-to-date information and technology and learn from my shortcomings as a freelance worker. I manage to get a project from time to time. After each project, I become a better person and I become thirstier for knowledge.
Initially, I had to make ends meet so I needed an additional source of income. Jumping from one workplace to another was not cost efficient in my point of view. Plus, it was tiring and I was anti-social. It was in 2008 when I started utilizing the Internet to search for online jobs. Most of the available projects were about article writing. I was a feature writer in high school but, as a content writer, I wasn’t really great based on the standards of SEO and American English. It’s no longer the high school and my talent was not the Internet needed. I had to experience rejections from editors and sometimes negative feedback, but it did not stop me from writing and eventually learning how to do SEO.

After several years of writing articles, I managed to improve my skills and I got more online writing jobs. I became more assertive with what I can do and I accepted the rejections as part of the challenge to become better on my next job. In fact, it helped to boost my confidence because I finally understood that a rejection should be taken positively and could be used as a motivation to strive harder. My whole personality has changed with what I am learning online. At one point, I lost my full-time job and I was pregnant. I did not waste a second and I started searching for available freelance jobs. My goal was to save enough until I give birth and the Internet did not fail me.

In 2009, I took the job as a full-time virtual assistant. It was my first time working directly with an employer and it was one of the most wonderful jobs I ever had. As a virtual assistant for two years, I learned new things and developed new skills. In addition to content writing and re-writing articles, my employer introduced me to WordPress, data entry, and Amazon. He also let me find my own set of writers to work for him. It opened another world for me in the freelancing industry. I realized I needed to improve my skills and learn more things so I can be competitive with the rest of the freelance workers. I wholeheartedly and excitedly accepted this challenge.

After several years, I had handled small projects as a virtual assistant or content writer. I started studying and doing websites from scratch, autoresponders, CRM and other technologies that influence page rankings. I used my skills in scripting and programming to advance in my freelance work. Who would ever think that a freelance writer can develop technical skills by just self-study? Though I am back to having a full-time office job to keep me busy and my salary is enough, I go back online and look for challenging freelance jobs. I am always curious on what’s new and hot in the freelancing world. I even created my own website and bought my own just to fill the void. That’s how much I love working as a freelancer.

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