Freelancing Vs. 9 to 5

Technology has made it such that more and more businesses are downsizing. Businesses are shifting from the traditional brick and mortar stores to the more complex online stores. While online stores may seem more complicated, businesses do not need as many people to work for them as they initially did. As an entrepreneur, you find that you benefit more if you just run your business from home as a freelancer rather than renting or buying a business premise especially if you are just starting out. There are numerous of advantages you could derive from starting and running your business from home.

  1. You get to be more productive

Did you know that the average person spends up to 348 hours every year commuting from home to work? Imagine how much you could accomplish in those many hours. If time is money then you have been making countless losses! When you have your business at home, you will not have to spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. You will be able to use that time to make more financial decisions and come up with better business strategies.

  1. You keep all the profits

If you were to rent a place for your business for example, you would have to pay the rent and electricity and water bills for both that place and your home. When working from home however, all you have to pay for is your home, which you would have done anyway. This preserves your profits.

  1. Less startup cash is required

Starting your business from home requires you to have less money for starting the business because you can make use of the resources at your home. As a freelancer, you will not need a lot of initial investment because most of your work relies only on a few tools and mostly your brain.

  1. You get more time for your family

Many people with regular 9 to 5 jobs have problems with family because they barely have enough time to spend with them. As a freelancer, you manage your own time and can even work for home. you therefore have a lot of time for family.

  1. Reduced stress

As a freelancer, you manage your own time. Your income depends on just how much you work. Because you can set your own schedule, you can stay home and nurse your sick spouse or child. It gives you more time to deal with both your own life and your finances.

  1. More personal freedom

You know one of those days you wake up and just wish you can go to the office with yoga pants or your pajamas? Well, if you chose to start your own home based business, you can. You will not have a dress code or that many rules to follow. After all, you are the boss.

  1. You get to grow your career

As an entrepreneur, you get to wear very many hats. Not only are you the manager, the sales director, the IT manager, you are also the developing manager amongst many other roles. The many roles you will be handling will allow you to change and mutate your knowledge accordingly. This will help you grow professionally and increase your experience in the business world.

  1. You have the chance to show case your creativity

Being employed restricts the things you can and cannot do especially when you are nowhere near the top of your business management levels. All you can are able to do is follow orders and be what your bosses want. This makes all your potential go to waste. When you become a freelancer, you will be able to put some of your creativity and your ideas to work giving you the chance to make your hobbies and talents earn you money.

  1. You will be able to break even faster

Because you have low overheads and being an affordable freelancer you will be making more profits and fewer expenses. This will help you break even much faster that you thought possible. With the extra cash, you can choose to give yourself a bigger paycheck or invest the money into growing your business and may be employ others. You will be reaping the benefits of having your business at home.

  1. You have job security

With businesses getting rid of their employees every other day, you will be assured of a job every waking moment. You are after all the owner of the business and without you the business will not run. In fact, you can employ other people to work for you.


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